Party with a Purpose with Trader Todd's!

This year for staff trip Trader Todd’s wanted to give back – to their staff and to the Florida environment that inspires the tropical feeling guests experience at Trader Todd’s bar. Todd, Virginia, and nine staff members went down to Bowditch Point Park with marine biologist and conservationist Paul Davis to learn about what we can do to make a difference in our environment.

After learning about the pervasiveness of marine debris and how it gets into our ecosystems (I’m looking at you, beach goers), the Todd’s staff put on their work gloves and started the beach clean-up efforts.  The ground total of debris removed was around 28lbs, with bartender Brittany pulling in the most at over 6 pounds!

A great mantra the staff learned from Paul was “Pick up 4 from sea to shore,” meaning that if every person picked up 4 pieces of trash every time they left the beach, our beaches would be in better shape in no time! Trader Todd’s is committed to bringing this environmental awareness back to Chicago, and are excited about implementing some new initiatives come spring.

As a treat for the staff, and staying true to the beauty of Florida Wildlife, Todd and Virginia brought everyone down to the Plantation on Crystal River to snorkel with manatees! The guides Brian and Steve brought the group right up to the manatees as they swam in the warm, shallow waters, and many staff members got to touch and play with a friendly calf.  Keep in mind adult manatees can get up to 10 feet long and weigh over 1000 pounds, so a calf is still a giant at around 4 feet long! It was truly an unforgettable experience for the Trader Todd’s staff, and everyone can look forward to more “party with a purpose” events back at Trader Todd’s bar in Chicago!

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