Trader Todd’s Treats Their Employees to the 10th Annual Tropical Vacation

Don’t you wish your job would fly you to an all-inclusive vacation during the dead of winter? Well, on Monday, Feb. 6 at 4 a.m. a limo came and picked up the Trader Todd’s staff and took them to the airport for the annual company trip to Fort Myers Beach, Fla.!

Todd Hyatt, owner at Trader Todd’s, believes that these vacations with his staff are the single, best way to bond with the employees. In addition to the all-expense-paid getaway, the staff gets to sample local cuisine and drinks to decide what can be replicated on the Trader Todd’s menu. At the end of the trip, the annual Golden Coconut awards are given out to deserving staff members who have stood out over the past year.

staff trip 2016 B.jpg

Since 2006, Trader Todd’s has taken their employees on vacation to Key West, Clearwater, Fort Myers Beach, Fort Lauderdale and on cruises to the Bahamas and Playa del Carmen. They selected to take their staff on a trip at this time of year due to the general slowness of business and tips. Since restaurant employees may not have the additional funds available for a vacation, Trader Todd’s takes care of the expenses and allows them to take a much-needed break from the Chicago winter.