Make Your Holiday Party One to Remember

Holiday parties are bursting with the potential to be awesome, yet some still fall short. Choosing the right location with a good vibe, fun drinks, finger foods and endless entertainment creates the perfect mix for a party to remember. Before you book your next party, take a look at our private event menu, and read our tips on how to give your guests the gift of a great holiday bash.

Location, Location, Location - The most important part of throwing a holiday party is choosing the right location. For example, a party at the office is kind of lame, especially after spending 40 hours a week there. Whereas, a party in a pan-tropical paradise with festive, tiki-drinks and karaoke is pretty awesome.

Top Notch Drinks - Another essential party pillar is the drink menu. Coors light and PBR don’t put many people in the holiday spirit. Instead, find a place with a variety of themed drinks to make it a memorable party.

Tried-and-True Favorites - What’s a party without food? Choose a location with a menu of easy-to-eat items. Nothing ruins the momentum of a party like sitting down to have a formal dinner. Appetizers and light snack foods will keep your guests on their feet. It’ll also keep them from earning a new nickname after indulging in one too many spirits.

A party without some form of entertainment is doomed to be nothing more than average. Find a spot that offers a fun, no-frills activity that partygoers can enjoy, like karaoke. This will get your guests up, dancing, singing and laughing with plenty of Instagram-worthy photos.

Few places party like Trader Todd’s. Our pan-tropical themed restaurant and festive, tropical drinks create the perfect escape from the icy tundra of Chicago. We have two rooms available for parties, each available with packages to fit any budget. The main room can hold groups of up to 100 people, and the back room can hold groups of up to 40 people. Of course, no Trader Todd’s party would be complete without no-frills karaoke, so we’ll have our KJs available for private and semi-private events to offer your guests endless entertainment.

If you’re interested in booking a holiday party-to-remember, please reach out to us via email at, or give us a call at (773) 348-3250.