Introducing Trader Todd’s Rum!

That’s right. We made our own rum! The two Trader Todd’s rums, one white and one gold, are two-year, barrel-aged Caribbean rum. You can see some sneak peeks of the bottles! Customers will be able to order our rum in a standard cocktail or as a sipping rum. It will also be the featured base for our house-infused rum, which is infused with lemon, orange and pineapple.

It is available as a one-shot pour-in mixer for $7. Prices will vary depending on what drink the rum is mixed with.

About Our Rum

The Trader Todd’s Silver Rum is an island blend of several Caribbean rums mixed with a French West Indies rum. It is passed through a six-stage filtration system to give it an easy-drinking characteristic that perfectly pairs with any tropical cocktail. Our Aged Rum is a festive blend made of four Caribbean rums aged in charred oak barrels. It’s tropical flavors are perfect for sipping on a white sand beach.