Meet trader todd's executive chef mark hill

Chef Mark Hill is the Executive Chef at Trader Todd’s in the food-savvy city of Chicago. He has been honing his cooking skills for over 20 years across various restaurants and under several James Beard nominated and award-winning chefs. Chef Mark’s talent and creativity has helped him to develop a huge arsenal of delicious dish combinations throughout his career.

Chef Mark first stepped into cooking at his high school job with Pizza Hut in Champaign, Ill. Before moving to Chicago, he worked at places like Red Lobster, Le Peep and Carlos O’Kellys, sharpening his skills as a line cook. It wasn’t until attending culinary school, however, that Chef Mark realized his passion and natural talent for cooking. Since then, he has developed an artisan level of skill, holding the title of Executive Chef at multiple restaurants in Chicago over the last few years.

Chef Mark is best known for his chili creations, ranging from the unforgettably hot Habanero and Scorpion chilis to the milder and more palatable Ancho and Pasilla chilis. Through experimentation, he has written four mouthwatering chili dishes, one of which - his Venison Chili - was used by another chef to win a cooking competition.

With a career starting at his high school job, Chef Mark has worked hard to earn the prestige he holds today. His creativity, passion and experience helped him develop a simple and clean cooking approach to which has earned him great success.