Exclusive Limited Time Holiday-Themed Tiki Drinks!

We're bringing a little warmth to bar-goers’ holiday season with a selection of curated holiday-themed tiki drinks. Escape Chicago’s snowy, bitter cold with one of these pan-tropical flavors of paradise available only through December!

The Grinch ($10) is a tastefully gin-soaked, citrus green drink served in a hurricane glass with enough cheer to spread to you all, and is the perfect holiday-themed tiki drink for those whose hearts are two sizes too small.

The Merry Berry Punch ($10) is filled with fruity flavors and served in a hurricane glass, transporting you to the land where palm trees sway.

The Snickerdoodle ($10) is one of Santa’s favorite cookies, and now his favorite drink. This sweet and creamy martini treat is sure to shut out the bitter cold of Chicago’s wintery days.

The Mammoth Apple Fire ($20) is a sleigh-sized, apple pie drink in a fishbowl glass overflowing  with enough holiday cheer to satisfy Kris Kringle himself.

The minty First Snow ($6) shot is sure to warm you up as you prepare to cross-country ski home through the snow-covered streets of Chicago. This smooth shot is great to throw back with friends on the Trader Todd’s shot ski.